School Closures

Dear Parents,

Emergency closure due to extreme weather conditions.

As the weather forecast for this week is looking worrying I would like to remind you of the ways the Academy will inform Parents of any school closure.

It is only in the most extreme circumstances will the Academy close to pupils. These extreme circumstances would be if the health, safety and well-being of children and staff were compromised by weather conditions. If we do experience snow please do not assume the school will be closed. The Academy will make every effort to ensure the school is open and the day runs as usual.

If a decision is made to close the school then the decision is made as early as possible. Details of the closure will be loaded onto the Academy website at Notice will also be given to Birmingham City Council who would load the details onto their own website; to Heart FM, Radio WM and Free Radio.

We did experience some closure last winter and the system the Academy put into place worked very well indeed. I know I can rely on the support of parents should extreme weather be experienced again. Please do not assume the Academy is closed. If there is no notice on the Academy website, then the school is open.

Thank you